We are a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to future care planning for disabled adult due to mental illness. Incorporated in 1999, PLAN was formed by a group of families with disabled family members — mostly sons and daughters — concerned about who would care for their disabled dependents when they were no longer able to do so themselves.

PLAN of Central Ohio offers an activities program where clients can form friendships, practice social skills and just have fun. We meet two times a month, transporting clients to and from each activity. Our case manager/client ratio is approximately 1 to 5 to provide a safe, supervised outing. Our program includes casual dinners at inexpensive restaurants, outings to movies and trips to local places of interest.

A Day At Huntington Ballpark

Ice Cream Outing

“We are a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to future care planning for adults with mental illness.”

We work with each client’s family or guardian to develop a Plan of Care. The Plan of Care incorporates all the client’s unique needs into one document that is implemented and monitored by PLAN staff. It includes existing benefits and services provided by other private and public agencies, as well as PLAN services, providing referrals to professionals who have expertise in such areas as family law, guardianship, and financial and estate planning.

In addition to future care planning, PLAN of Central Ohio offers individual services that enhance our clients’ quality of life and provide some respite for their families from the demands of providing primary care. Working in tandem with other private and public agencies, PLAN provides advocacy, supplemental case management and socialization for those with a variety of disabilities. Our clients include those with mental illness, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, brain injury and physical disabilities. Our service area includes Franklin and the surrounding counties.


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As a non profit 501 (3)c organization we welcome any monetary donation that you would like to make. You can send a check to the PLAN office or you can use the pay-pal account that has been set up for us. We would also welcome a donation of your time as a member of PLAN, as a board member, as a driver to some of the activities that we have or as a mentor to our members.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.”

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